Welcome to Tay River Reflections Medical Spa

Tay River Reflections has been in operation in Perth since 1999. The founder and Medical Director, Dr. Manuela Joannou, has always been passionate about helping others achieve optimum health and well-being. The medical spa offers a full menu of relaxing and rejuvenating spa treatments that remain based on sound medical science. Take advantage of the state of the art anti-aging technologies that keep everyone wondering how you continue to look so young. Treat yourself to a relaxing spa day where you are taken through a journey of pampering and revitalizing, either on your own or with friends.


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Tay River AQUA is ready to welcome you in 2015!

We’ve been busy at Tay River Reflections this Fall with one of our most exciting expansions yet. What started as an idea two years ago is now reality with the opening of Tay River AQUA, our own outdoor Northern Spa experience. Outdoor Hot Tubs Open year round, our beautiful outdoor hot tubs are ready to help you relax and enjoy the amazing country air.  We have two hot tubs that seat 26 people each. The pool deck is heated making the walk from the change room or any of the other AQUA … [Read More...]

Are you feeling S.A.D.?

Seasonal Affective Disorder: Are you SAD?

Many people find that their ‘joie de vivre’ seems to hibernate somewhat in the winter months. If you feel you are suffering from seasonal affective disorder you aren't alone. Our bodies and minds are very tuned into the diurnal rhythms of the day – we function programmed closely to the rise and fall of the sun. When the days get shorter, our brain neurotransmitters may be affected, in effect giving us less “joy juice”. Going to work and coming home in the dark both ways can make you feel flat … [Read More...]

Strategies for a Prosperous New Year

New Year's is one of my favourite times of year. For someone who is excited always about new ventures, expanding horizons, improving working systems and outcomes, the idea of starting fresh, with gusto and new enthusiasm is quite intriguing. Christmas is a busy time with all sorts of extra chores, preparations, more social engagements, and more expectations placed on our time and energy. It can feel like more work heaped on top of all the work you already barely have time for. Especially if you … [Read More...]