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Tay River Reflections has been in operation in Perth since 1999. The founder and Medical Director, Dr. Manuela Joannou, has always been passionate about helping others achieve optimum health and well-being. The medical spa offers a full menu of relaxing and rejuvenating spa treatments that remain based on sound medical science. Take advantage of the state of the art anti-aging technologies that keep everyone wondering how you continue to look so young. Treat yourself to a relaxing spa day where you are taken through a journey of pampering and revitalizing, either on your own or with friends.


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Mastermind Reflections at Tay River Aqua

Are you so busy in your life that you have no time for the creative thinking and brainstorming you need to do to grow your business? Are you working so hard in your business there’s no time to work on your business? Mastermind Reflections at Tay River Aqua may provide the inspiration you need. What is it and How does it work? Mastermind Reflections days at Tay River Aqua are designed for you, the busy entrepreneur, leader, CEO, or visionary who has a dream or project that you are working … [Read More...]


Join us for Zumba at the Fitness Centre

We’re thrilled that we now offer Zumba in our fitness centre. Melanie, our lovely Zumba instructor, tells us about Zumba and why you should come and check out a class!   Everyone loves good music and Zumba is all about moving to the music! The songs are so great that you can't help but want to move to the beat!  The steps are simple (step-touch, grapevine, etc) so everyone can follow along. Each Zumba song has its own choreography and it usually only takes a couple of classes until … [Read More...]

Vivier Hexamer Cleanser

Skin care in the winter

You have probably noticed that your skin behaves very differently in the winter than it does in the summer. When the furnace is turned on in your home and your workplace, the humidity in the air is drastically reduced. and your skin can feel drier and often more irritated. It doesn't matter whether you burn oil, wood, pellets, propane or natural gas, the air is always drier. Have you ever noticed that if you are lucky enough to escape to the Caribbean in the winter, it takes about one day for … [Read More...]